Our Story

KeVita’s sweet beginnings emerged quite naturally as Co-Founders Chakra Earthsong Levy and Bill Moses joined together to bring KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink to market. The mission was clear—to provide thirsty health-seeking consumers a delicious vitalizing drink. Chakra, a nutritional consultant and long-time fermenter first created KeVita in her Ojai, California kitchen. She shared the drink with her friend Bill who loved the concept. With Bill’s winemaking and business expertise they further developed the drink and KeVita was born. Soon after, beverage industry expert Robert Adams joined the team and the hardworking trio hit the ground running.

Our Mission

KeVita’s mission is to empower people to take their health and well-being into their own hands by providing innovative products geared to help support immune and digestive health. KeVita is part of the movement to end obesity in the United States.

Our Vision

KeVita’s vision is to lead the growing trend toward personal responsibility for improved health and well-being by developing innovative and delicious drinks. KeVita is committed to being the healthy alternative to traditional sodas.

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