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<p class="p1">I just wanted to write a big THANK YOU for making your products, specifically your Sparkling Probiotic drinks. I live on a very low carbohydrate diet and have been searching for a probiotic drink that doesn't have buckets of added sugar...
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Jessica A

Yum! Delicious &amp; nutritious! I just tried KeVita for the first time. I had the Lemon Cayenne. The balance &amp; layering of flavors is wonderful! Felt good on my tickling sore throat too, I bet it helps speed my recovery!

Andrea P

I started drinking KeVita along with other changes, to help my fibromyalgia. I love the taste and find myself craving it. I feel better and I think I'm addicted:) I left a positive review on Amazon :)
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Stephanie C

I bought KeVita Lemon Cayenne on on whim. I have IBS/mild Chrons. This has help me so much!

Tonya A

I love everything about KeVita..I love it so much that it just takes me two sips to drink the whole bottle. If I could I would bathe in it ... Thank you for making such a great drink in every aspect.

Dawn B

So refreshing and pleased about low sugar content.
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Lisa P.

I love the Strawberry Acai Coconut flavor KeVita. I love that is good for me &amp; tastes so good.
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Vicki B

I have been hooked on KeVita for a little over a year now. I've tried almost every flavor but my favorite is the Lemon Ginger. I drink one every other day. It's delicious!
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Matt A.

Just tried Mojita Lime Mint Coconut. Exceedingly excellent! Finally, a delicious, real food alternative to soft drinks. Stevia rocks!
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Angela C

KeVita beverages are a recent discovery for me (thanks to a new grocery store in town) and I am obsessed! I first tried the Lemon Ginger, and it was so good I can't get myself to try another flavor yet...I just keep getting those! But, soon, I will l...