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Elena K.

Very tasty and helps a lot with my stomach problems

Catherine D

I too just discovered these and am completely in love! I love every flavor I have tried so far and can't decide if the lemon cayenne or the mango coconut is my favorite. I am actually slightly concerned about drinking too many in a day!!
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Jeff B

I was shocked to find KeVita and other healthy drinks in my local grocery store. Kevita is my favorite of them all! I love the coconut and the Lemon-cayenne. I can't wait to try the Mojita Lime Mint Coconut.
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Shauna C.

I am addicted to KeVita probiotic drinks! My favorite is the coconut flavor ( although I have only tried four flavors because sadly, my grocery store only carries four). I raved about them in one of my youtube videos,and I buy them weekly!
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Jennifer M.

I just purchased Kevita Coconut and I love it! I love that you put on the label that it is Dairy free. I am allergic to dairy and trying to find products quickly is never a quick process. I always have to read and reread the ingredient list and that ...
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Molly G

I just tried KeVita pomegranate black tea for the first time and love it! It has low sugar, a little caffeine and is effervescent... the perfect pick me up that doesn't weigh me down!
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Shannon I.

I was exceedingly skeptical about the drink, but a clerk in the grocery store was awesome, and opened a bottle for me to sample. It was absolutely awesome, and now I'm totally obsessed. It tastes wonderful.
Steve K.

Steve K.

I'm a probiotic junky.. pills, drinks, yogurt, cultured sour cream, cultured butter.. if there was cultured lip gloss, I would buy it! anyway, the first time I tried KeVita.. I knew it was awesome.. great stuff .. and I should know. Thanks!
Cynthia J

Cynthia J

This is a miracle drink! It was an impulse purchase because the drink looked so attractive on the shelf - now I will not be without a supply. It's tasty and is helping me love a beverage that is extremely satisfying but not too sweet. Gives me 80% re...
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Kayleigh M

KeVita is revolutionary. I've never enjoyed such a fizzy, bubbly, slightly sweet, tangy and revitalizing beverage in my life. I am so impressed with the KeVita Daily Cleanse, and tend to drink it almost daily!