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Official Rules

1. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

2. No purchase necessary to win. Purchases will not increase your chances of winning. Odds of winning based on the number of contestants and number of votes each photo receives on the @KeVitaCulture contest gallery page

3. Contestants enter by uploading photo that represents how KeVita fits into their lifestyle (with bottle of KeVita) or by tagging #KeVitaCulture on Instagram or Twitter.

4. Contestants are granted unlimited entries.

5. Contestants may submit photos until Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PST).

6. The voting period will commence on the “#KeVitaCulture” tab on the KeVita Facebook page Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 9:00 AM (PST) and will continue until Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PST)

7. For every Facebook friend that enters the contest via invite request, the contestant who sent the request will receive an additional vote.

8. Voting is limited to 1 (one) Facebook user per day.

9. KeVita staff members and their immediate families are not eligible to win prizes.

10. Any participant found to be abusing the promotion rules or tampering with the promotion in any way will be disqualified and declared ineligible for any prize.

11. Obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered. We retain sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content.

12. A person may not win more than once.

13. Valid in United States only due to shipping restrictions.



1. The grand prize winner will receive a complimentary month of fitness classes of choice (valued up to $150) and a bottle of KeVita per day for 3 months.

2. During the voting period, the photo with the most votes by Sunday, April 13 at 11:59 PM (PST) will win the grand prize. The photo with the second highest number of votes by Sunday, April 13 at 11:59 PM (PST) will win a bottle of KeVita per day for 2 months. The photo with the third highest number of votes by Sunday, April 13 at 11:59 PM (PST) will win a bottle of KeVita per day for 1 month. Winners of a bottle of KeVita per day will receive the number of coupons that equal the number of days won.

3. Extra votes based on number of referral entries will be awarded on Sunday, April 6, 2014.

4. Grand prize winner must use their free month of fitness classes by December 31, 2014. If prizes are not used by this deadline, they become void.

5. Grand prize winner must choose location of fitness classes, sign up, pay and then send receipt to KeVita for reimbursement. Winner may send receipt via mail, fax, or email.

6. Winners from votes must use their coupons by the expiration date listed on coupon.

7. All reservations are subject to availability and restrictions. Grand Prize fitness class reimbursement will cover cost of fitness classes for one month up to $150. Prizes cannot be used with other specials and/or promotions.

8. Prizes cannot be refunded and/or exchanged for cash.

9. All taxes and any other incidental expenses on Prizes are the sole responsibility of each winner.



1. All winners will be notified and announced within 2 (two) business days after April 13, 2014.

2. All contestant winners will be notified via email and on the public KeVita Instagram and Facebook page



1. By entering the contest, entrants agree to have their submitted name displayed on our website and social media channels and used by us for any purpose, at any time, without any fee or other form of compensation. We reserve the right to disqualify users, without notice, and for any reason.

2. Entrants grant KeVita and its affiliates, subsidiaries and partners right to use the submitted photos without compensation in the context of promotions, contests, marketing, advertising, events and exhibitions.

3. All images submitted for consideration in the #KeVitaCulture contest remain the sole property of KeVita.

4. Submitting photographers must own all rights to any photographs entered in this contest. By submitting an image, the photographer represents and warrants that such submission does not infringe any third-party rights or other rights protected by law.

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10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Probiotics Sat, 22 Feb 2014 00:03:52 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

Probiotics … How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

At KeVita, we’re obsessed with healthy, organic living, and we’re super sweet on probiotics. People have been eating fermented foods packed with probiotics for centuries and reaping health benefits like improved digestion, lower cholesterol and alleviated allergies.

Now it’s easier than ever to get your probiotics! You don’t have to make your own sauerkraut or be a fermentation master to partner up with probiotics as a part of a healthy lifestyle. KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks are a delicious way to revitalize your day and boost your bod with probiotics. With a wide range of organic, low-calorie drinks, KeVita has a flavor for every lifestyle.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get probiotics into your tummy on a daily basis:

1. They power up your digestive system.

Probiotics add friendly bacteria to your digestive system, improving absorption of nutrients and vitamins. Improved absorption means good digestion, which allows your body to get the most nutritional value from the foods you eat and helps to regulate your digestive system. Bonus: more energy! All this good stuff in your digestive tract boosts your overall immunity, because 80% of your immunity lives in your stomach.

2. They protect you during cold and flu season.

Along with traditional remedies like vitamin C, garlic, and ginger, probiotics are our favorite defense against colds and flus. Probiotics can soften your reaction to the common cold by reducing your body’s inflammatory response. This means fewer cold symptoms, yay! Hit with the flu? When fighting it off, your body kills bacteria, even the healthy ones. For a full flu recovery, replenish your body with friendly micro-flora found in probiotics.

3. They ward off evil. (At least in the form of yeast and urinary tract infections.)

Ladies—probiotics are your new BFF. Friendly bacteria, like the Lactobacillus genus, produce natural disinfectants (you know where) that help maintain a healthy pH balance. If you get a yeast infection or UTI, probiotics make a nice complement to traditional treatments because they maintain healthy bacteria down in the love canal. Love that!

4. They’re better than a breath mint.

Did you know your mouth and breath are part of your digestive tract? Probiotics keep your digestive system clean from the inside out. A study by the International Journal of General Medicine found that the probiotic BLIS K12 is effective in preventing reoccurring throat infections that cause oral issues, including bad breath. Kiss away with fresher breath and improved oral health!

5. They’re good for your cholesterol levels.

Gut health and heart disease may seem unrelated, but the beneficial bacteria living in your intestines may be good for more than your stomach. Researchers at the American Heart Association recently discovered that taking daily doses of probiotics lowered bad cholesterol by 12%, as well as reduced saturated cholesterol esters that contribute to the hardening of arteries (a leading cause of heart attacks).

6. They optimize your detox.

Get the most out of your detox by adding probiotics. Everyone loves a good cleanse, but a cleanse or detox can be tough on your system. When you’re using high amounts of fiber, raw vegetable juices, and herbal protocols, probiotics can help soothe your belly.

7. They help you manage stress.

We all battle stress on a daily basis: at work, at home, on our commutes, even in our diet and surrounding environment. Stress weakens the immune response and increases your chance of getting sick. Probiotics are known to increase your body’s stress tolerance by preventing the growth of negative bacteria during times of stress.

8. They alleviate annoying allergies.

Hay fever, eczema, asthma, and food allergies can be debilitating (to say the least). With the right balance of beneficial microflora, you can fight off allergens and infections. Consuming probiotics can boost your inner ecosystem and help your immune system differentiate between friends or foes.

9. They help you bounce back after taking medication.

When your health requires a trip to the pharmacy, add some balance back to your system with probiotics. Antibiotics and prescription drugs take their toll, especially on your intestinal health. While taking medications, your intestinal flora becomes compromised, so adding probiotics to your diet can help offset the meds.

10. They’re delicious!

It’s easier than ever to find yummy probiotic products such as yogurt, cultured beverages, and even chocolate bars! Drinking KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink, with up to 4 billion probiotics per bottle, is a refreshing and guilt-free way to get your probiotics on. The KeVita lineup complements a healthy lifestyle as an organic, low-calorie, dairy-free refreshment. Stop by your local natural foods market such as Whole Foods Market and pick up some KeVita for a revitalizing treat for your tummy!

Read the full article here.

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KeVita in Glamour Magazine! Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:32:45 +0000 We’re feeling extra glamorous this week! So cool to be featured in this Glamour Magazine article on why you should like probiotics.



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New KeVita Flavors Mon, 04 Mar 2013 19:29:43 +0000 Continue reading ]]> DailyCleanse_152 Bottle_12-19-12_S Mojita_152 Bottle_12-19-12_S

Introducing two classic flavors with a delicious twist! Now there’s even more delicious vitality and more KeVita flavors to love!

KeVita Daily Cleanse™ – KeVita Daily Cleanse is spicy and sublime with organic lemon and a touch of cayenne. So delicious between meals!

KeVita Mojita™ - A sassy and sweet mocktail with a hint of mint and a twist of lime. A delicious way to enjoy classic mojito flavor!

Watching your calorie and sugar intake?
Both new KeVita flavors are lightly sweetened with stevia which is low on the glycemic index, and only 5 calories per serving.

New feature!
We’ve enhanced our newest creations with the purest ocean minerals we could find from Blue Ocean Minerals®.

Delicious Vitality
Like all KeVita varieties, Daily Cleanse and Mojita are certified organic and made with our own KeVita Probiotic Culture at our facility in Southern California. Not to mention they are non-dairy, vegan and gluten free!

Available nationwide!



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Brook in CA Wins 30 Day of Delicious Vitality Tue, 12 Feb 2013 21:42:54 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Sweepstakes winner Post 8

Favorite Flavor: Pomegranate!
“I love how KeVita makes my stomach warm and fuzzy.”  -Brook Ventura, CA

Feeling lucky?
We’re giving away a 30 day supply of delicious, refreshing KeVita in the flavor(s) of your choice!

Head over to the KeVita Facebook page and enter our Sweepstakes for a chance to win 30 Days of Delicious Vitality! – A free KeVita a day for 30 days!

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Love is Everywhere – Pinterest Contest Fri, 01 Feb 2013 17:55:57 +0000 Continue reading ]]> At KeVita we’ve been seeing hearts in the most unexpected places – on the ground, in fences, on trees…even in the street! Join us on Pinterest and pin photos of the hearts you see in your world. We’ll share the KeVita love with three lucky winners!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.27.51 PM

Contest period FEB 1 – FEB 13. Top three winners will receive a case of KeVita and a gift card to Amazon or iTunes of $100, $50 or $25. Winners will be selected on February 13, 2013 and announced on Valentine’s Day. Three original photos with the most likes and comments will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes if they meet all contest criteria.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.30.16 PM


Follow our “Love is Everywhere” Board at

Repin our Love is Everywhere contest photo or video

Pin an original photo of a heart you see in an unexpected place.

Tag it with #loveiseverywhere and #KeVitaDrinks

Bonus entry if you post your heart photos on Instagram with the hashtag #loveiseverywhere and tag @KeVitaDrinks.

KeVita Pinterest Contest Official Rules (.pdf)

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Anthony in TX Wins 30 Days of Free KeVita! Wed, 12 Dec 2012 02:23:59 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

“I enjoy a pomegranate KeVita every morning for its fresh organic taste and great probiotic benefits!” -Anthony, TX

Feeling lucky?
Head over to the KeVita Facebook page and enter our Sweepstakes for a chance to win 30 Days of Delicious Vitality! Free KeVita for 30 days! One winner each month!

The next winner will be chosen on December 31, 2012.

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Bridgette in NY Wins 30 Days of Free KeVita! Fri, 09 Nov 2012 17:16:11 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

“I LOVE the pomegranate flavor! It’s so delicious and only 20 calories per serving. KeVita gives me more energy than a cup of coffee!” -Bridgette, NY

Feeling lucky?
We’re giving away a 30 day supply of delicious, refreshing KeVita in the flavor(s) of your choice!

Head over to the KeVita Facebook page and enter our Sweepstakes for a chance to win 30 Days of Delicious Vitality! – A free KeVita a day for 30 days!

The next winner will be chosen on November 30, 2012.

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Lunch Break @ KeVita Fri, 16 Mar 2012 00:38:33 +0000 Continue reading ]]> You know what were drinking, here’s what were eating. Whats fueling you today?
Clover Sprouts, Sprouted Quinoa, Golden & Red Beets.

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LA Yoga Leaders to Join Occupy LA Fri, 04 Nov 2011 21:46:58 +0000 Continue reading ]]>

On Tuesday, November 1st the LA yoga community came together to Occupy LA. Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Suzanne Sterling, Saul David Raye, Julian Walker, Ashley Turner, Vytas Baskauskas, Mia Togo, Ally Hamilton, Brock Cahill, Krista Cahill, Gayatri, James Brown, Kia Miller and many others gathered with the occupiers at LA City Hall to support a movement of freedom and justice. KeVita was there to quench their thirst.


The process of yoga encourages us to find our voice, speak our truth, and play our part. It is important that we embody this practice off the mat in the way that we participate and take action. The intention was not to be “for” or “against,” but to demonstrate unity, awareness, and action through yoga, ritual, collaboration, being 100% present and committed to bringing about equality and positive


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