Keeping up with Kombucha

There is just something about KeVita and the beach! Grace, of Camp Patton, just started drinking kombucha recently, and found our Master Brew Kombucha to be mind blowing! She brought KeVita along on their beach excursion, and here’s what she had to say about our kombucha:

“I know a lot of my friends are big Kombucha drinkers and, as usual, I’m tardy to the party. But, I’m hoping I’m only fashionably late because the benefits of KeVita’s Master Brew Kombucha are kind of mind blowing. Brimming with live probiotics, organic acids, and organic caffeine (80mg is equivalent to a cup of green tea), KeVita’s Kombucha is genius, and a much healthier alternative to my afternoon/evening caffeinated drink of choice, that inevitably leads to a crash and bedtime burn right when I need that last push to get the kids down.”

View the full blog post here, and check out her giveaway for a chance to win 3 months of KeVita drinks!