One Item that’s Always in Fannetastic Food’s Fridge

Anne, of Fannetastic Food, loves KeVita Master Brew Kombucha so much that she always has some in her fridge. Why does she love it? Here’s a few reasons:


“Because they are full of healthy bacteria called probiotics! Probiotics are living microorganisms that are believed to improve health by maintaining balance in our digestive system. The body is a natural home to these organisms; the digestive system alone boasts a large quantity of many types of bacteria, which help keep the intestines healthy and aid in digesting and absorbing nutrients from food. Probiotics also promote healthy immune function by helping to protect us from pathogens and assisting with detoxification of harmful compounds (like alcohol or drugs). I drink kombucha pretty much every single day – usually before dinner either as a happy hour or while cooking. I love having a fun fizzy drink before dinner that won’t leave me dehydrated and mildly headache-y the next morning – total win. :)”

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