Taking Care of Yourself in Your Late 30s

Kelle Hampton, of Enjoying the Small Things, is 37. How does she take care of her health and wellbeing at this age?

kevita-2_zps1ruepusf-1“When it comes to health and body issues, there’s only one bracket where I want to be… I want to feel good. Sometimes feeling good involves clothes and lipstick, but most of the time it’s about overall well being–listening to my body, taking care of myself, staying active, loving well. If there’s one thing different about my body than ten years ago, it’s that it will speak up. Not enough water? Too much to drink? Skipping meals? Aw, hell naw! It lets me know–and usually the second I roll out of bed. I do know that health and beauty resonates from the inside, and most of us could probably say that we feel our strongest and most beautiful when we are taking good care of ourselves–when we’re listening to our needs.”

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