There’s Only One You: Expressing Who You Really Are on the Inside

By Amie ValponeSponsored by KeVita

My journey of ten years of chronic illness has brought me to where I am today, feeling healthy and strong enough to reconnect with the world. This post is my attempt to honor the woman I’ve become, and share with you how, little by little, I learned to befriend myself, love myself and realize that life is about what’s on the inside.

Throughout the last few years of my healing journey, my morning practice has been to look at the woman in the mirror with a smile and kind eyes. While going through chronic illness, I learned how to trust my inner guidance and cultivate a relationship with my inner self, which is something that didn’t come to surface for me until my 30s. In my 20s, I used to look outside myself and compare my life to what everyone else was doing on social media, and in real life. Now, I create with intent, from the inside out, knowing that following my heart and listening to myself is the key. If I’m stressed, unhappy or anxious, I go inwards to revitalize my life. I tend to my inner world first. I sit with myself, listen to soft music, go outside and walk in the grass until I center myself and feel calm.

This is what drew me to KeVita’s “Inner Selfie” app, which showcases that it’s about what’s on the inside that counts! Previously, when I didn’t feel well, I’d look outside of myself for answers in hope that I’d find the solution in a pharmaceutical drug or doctor. During this time, I kept giving my power away until I learned how to trust myself. This is what revitalizing, from the inside out, really means to me – taking charge of my health by listening to,  and trusting, the voice inside.

The Inner Selfie app is a great way for me to express who I truly am inside, my passion for clean living, and a way to show my face with my favorite Kevita flavors. Trust me, it’s super easy to create your own selfie, and there’s a handful of fun, colorful filters you can use to showcase how you revitalize yourself, from the inside out.

To get started, head on over to, and upload a picture of you with a bottle of Kevita. I walked around my neighborhood in Manhattan, and snapped a few pictures of myself on a sunny day with a few bottles of my favorite Kevita flavors, and you can do the same! Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how to use the app to create your very own #InnerSelfie.

Step 1


Snap a photo that captures who you are on the inside. It could be anything from a picture of you on the beach to you doing a yoga pose in your favorite yoga class or enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather with your bottle of Kevita. No matter where you are and what you show in your photo, ask yourself, ‘Is this the real me’? ‘Am I being authentic to myself?’ ‘What word do I want to use that I feel describes who I really am?’ Then, have your picture showcase what you embody.

If you already have a photo you’d like to use, you can upload it from your photo library or Facebook. If you’re taking a picture from your computer, you may need to allow use of your computer camera so be sure to check on that if you’re not using your phone.

Step 2


You can easily click through the instructions at the bottom of your image where you’ll see a set of small white dots or you can click ‘skip’ to go straight to photo-taking. Then, add your favorite KeVita filter based on your favorite flavor, which will generate a soft colored filter over your image.  Get creative and have fun adding bubbles and a colorful filter that suits you best by scrolling to the left and right underneath your photo. Try a few flavors to see which one you like best.

Step 3


Next up is figuring out how you feel inside. On this part of the app, you’ll see a fill-in-the-blank area where you can select your word of choice that describes what you are all about on the inside or you can add your own word of choice. So, what’s inside you? Allow your creativity to flow- a word might just pop into your mind that describes who you are and what you’re all about. Use that word. That’s what happened to me!

This step is more about the ‘feeling’ than the ‘thinking’ about who you are, so try to feel what is inside of you instead of thinking about it. In my life, I simply embody my truth and that’s something that has stuck with me throughout my journey. Focus solely on what you believe and let the illusions melt away. Trust me. That’s all I’m doing, too and that’s how I move past any negativity or thoughts that don’t resemble my truth.Embody your truth and be inspired by that.

This step is for you to shine and show off your authentic self by choosing a word that describes you. I chose the phrase “I am CLEAN inside” because those words really resonate with me and my lifestyle. Take time to explore what it feels like to be inside your own skin as you move throughout your day. Close your eyes and ask yourself what it is that you want to share. Remember, this has nothing to do with what other people think about you – that’s none of your business anyway. This is your opportunity to shine and express yourself. What’s important is to focus on you and to stay genuine to yourself and how you really feel. Feel free to move around the ‘I am ____ inside’ text box on the photo wherever you’d like it.

Step 4


Almost done! Now, you can email the photo to yourself, download the photo to your phone or computer, and share it on social media.  For social media sharing, all you need to do is save your image and share it on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels with the #InnerSelfie hashtag and it will post automatically. If you choose to share your image on Facebook, write your caption in the space provided and share away.

Take as many inner selfies as you’d like, the the more the merrier. And encourage your friends to join in on the #InnerSelfie conversation. I’ll be joining in on the fun, too, so be sure to follow @KevitaDrinks on social media, and come chat with us.

My favorite part of this app is searching for the hashtag #InnerSelfie on social media, and seeing what others have shared about themselves. You’ll feel inspired for having stayed true to yourself when you see others putting themselves out into to the world who they truly are without worrying about what others may think.

After all, it’s what’s inside that counts. How do you express your inner self in a way that makes you feel alive, vibrant and whole? Snap a pic of yourself that captures the true YOU, and jazz it up with the fun Kevita filters. Choose a word that describes the real YOU, and upload it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to allow your followers to express themselves as well. You’re the curator of your life. Use this app to decide what it looks like to feel free and live life to the fullest. Be brave and let yourself be seen.

Close your eyes and take a moment. Can you feel it? Your aliveness? Go snap a pic of your aliveness and share it with us.