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    An upstart musician from Austin, TX, Zach Yanez has worked his way into a life of music. His days are non-stop hustle, practicing, teaching, and doing project work. His nights are when the magic happens—jamming at improv sit-ins and gigging with local bands. Nights are the fuel that feeds Zach’s fire. Getting lost in the rhythm. Becoming part of something bigger. That’s when Zach feels alive.


    A lifelong composer, Catherine Rothrock discovered dance while studying music in New York. Now, as a professional dancer, she comes to life when she steps on the stage. These pre-show moments define Catherine. She finds her best self the moment she surrenders. The fear disappears. And the instinct takes over, relying on countless hours of practice. That’s when Catherine feels most alive.


    Jet Lin is a jam skater from Venice Beach. Once shy and reserved, she found her best self once she put four on the floor. Now, skating is life. Every. Day. She has to lace up to get down. It’s not about the miles. Or the fitness. Or training for a competition. In her words, “there’s just something about the wheels letting me loose.”


    Patrick Beach is a yoga instructor from California. He began practicing yoga as a teenager, when competitive athletics caused hip issues that limited his movement. As a “practitioner of things,” he finds joy in the process. Evolving a practice. Raising his awareness. Connecting with others. A process that has “opened up everything” in his adult life. Including a new studio in Highland Park.


    A lifelong resident of Inglewood, CA, Giovanni Douresseau took his first trip to the ocean at age 12. And it changed his life. He caught his first wave. Met his mentor. Found purpose. He lost 125 lbs the next two years. Went on to surf at college. And has returned to manage the same summer camp that introduced him to surfing. But his true purpose is to live a life of service and share his story.